CNR Institutes

The Department of Chemistry hosts research staff from three institutes of the National Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, CNR)


The Institute of Molecular Biology and Pathology aims at increasing the knowledge of the structural bases of the function of proteins and nucleic acids, with special regard to the regulation of the genic expression of activities of enzymes, respiratory proteins and of immune response molecules in animal and plant organisms; and at studying the control mechanisms of mitosis and of the cellular cycle and differentiation.


The Institute for Biological Systems studies the chemical, physical and bio-molecular mechanisms that regulate the organization and functions of biological systems. It promotes the acquisition of knowledge with an interdisciplinary approach which, by integrating skills in chemistry, biology, microbiology, pedology and systems analysis, aims to understand complex biological systems for their use in the bio-agri-food sector. Inspired by the principles of bioeconomy and circular economy, it develops sustainable methods, processes and advanced technologies for the optimization of the sustainable use of biological resources, and for the well-being and improvement of the quality of life. It enhances and encourages the transfer of results, processes, models and technologies to the social and productive fabric and carries out training activities.


The Institute for the Study of Nanostructured Materials promotes multidisciplinary activities in the nanostructured materials and in the enabling processes field. The Institute pursues the goal of generating state-of-the-art knowledge in the fields of chemical manufacturing and of science and technology of materials and to improve the results of research through the relation with the world of enterprises.


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